Peculiar Reality

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Gilded Pear Gallery is pleased to present Peculiar Reality, a two-person exhibit of new artworks by Mary Koenen Clausen and Jillian Moore.

Familiar, yet odd. Peculiar Reality brings together a collection of strange and fantastical works from Mary Koenen Clausen and Jillian Moore. Mary Koenen Clausen’s works on large paper are rich with layers, texture, color and collage. Her creations transport the viewer into a fictional environment and lets you walk around in a mystical plane rife with both recognizable and unrecognizable elements; these actors, animals, and otherworldly texts and symbols floating in orbit call attention to the heavens and the underworld in composition. Jillian Moore, whose work is rooted in the craft realm of contemporary jewelry, transforms the work into larger specimens, allowing for the viewer to carefully inspect each entity on the wall as sculpture. Gooey, bright, and colorful uses of form and material are found in these objects and inspire the viewer to attempt to categorize them in the natural world. The exhibition artworks celebrate absurdity, uncanniness, and the extraordinary.

Mary Koenen Clausen’s artworks frequently are comprised of three visual fields or planes: the heavens, earth, and underworld. Figures composed of mismatched heads and bodies float among animals, icons, musical notes, and foreign texts on backgrounds thickly painted with deep hues. Mary sees the musical notes, symbols and foreign text, many of which she reproduces in her own hand, as messages emanating from her spiritual guides while channeling energy from other time and space dimensions. She gathers her material from Italian magazines, 17th and 18th century Bibles, antique books, among other sources. Mary also uses photographs of her surroundings in her work. Her home and studio are full of paintings, photographs, wall hangings, dolls, and other collected objects; an environment that reflects the complexity of her work. Mary lives and works in Muscatine, Iowa.

Jillian Moore is an artist and writer based in Iowa City, Iowa working primarily in the field of contemporary jewelry and small sculpture. Her work is inspired by forms in the biological world and amplified by an interest in the fantastical. Operating with a background in metalsmithing and a foreground in experimental resins and other plastic processes, Moore’s work is comprised of a variety of new materials and techniques executed with the obsessive, monomaniacal approach of her craft discipline training. “Our natural tendency to seek out patterns results in a sensitivity to the congruities in biological forms. Deliberate exploitation of these phenomena results in objects that are both ambiguous and evocative. Some are organs removed from the body in which they once belonged, revealing structures with unknown functions.”

Artists from the show have also donated an artwork to raffle to raise funds for 2 organizations. Raffle tickets are only $25 each. There are no limitations on entries. Visit the exhibition page on the gallery’s website for more details.

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Gallery operations during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Private viewing appointments can be made by contacting the gallery via email or phone. Available hours during this time are Monday-Friday 10:00am-5:00pm, Saturday [by request], and CLOSED on Sunday. The gallery asks that all persons arriving for their scheduled appointments be masked. A limited parking lot is available with 1 handicap space. On street parking is available on 3rd avenue and 8th street- non-metered. The MedQuarter features protected bike lanes and bicycle “parking” can be found on the opposite side of the building by the Pocket Park on 3rd and 8th. There is no admission fee for private viewings.