CSPS Hall OPEN CALL: Virtual Portrait

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Here’s an opportunity to express yourself thru art.




A portrait is a depiction of oneself, or others, meant to capture a moment in time or likeness, and give insight to the feelings, thoughts and reflections of the subject. Human interaction has changed during this time of social distancing, and the way we interpret ourselves and the people around us, continues to change with each passing day.

Submission Guidelines: Included name, medium used and title of the work – If your portrait is a video, please keep the video to under 1 minute – All submissions must follow Instagram’s rules regarding content, including but not limited to, no nudity. For a complete list of guidelines please visit
Submit work on Instagram by tagging @CSPSHall and using the hashtag #CSPSVP

Submission will be accepted until social distancing and self isolation protocol has been lifted. Don’t have instagram? We can help! Just send your submission to and we can include it for you.


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