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Call for Artists: NewBo Art Fest

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ON JUNE 14, 2019


The 13th Annual NewBo Art Fest 2019

Sunday September 1, 2019, Cedar Rapids, IA

The 13th Annual NewBo Art Fest in Cedar Rapids, IA, will take place in the heart of Cedar Rapids’ New Bohemia Arts & Entertainment District.

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The New Bohemia District is a Mainstreet historical area that includes : local food vendors and restaurants serving Mexican, Indian, Korean, hamburgers, grilled cheese, a bakery, pizza, chocolates, coffee shop, juice bar, local wine and beer bar, popcorn and ice cream, international music, art and performance venues. Specialty shops that include a book store, bicycle store, clothing stores, gift shops, guitar store, skateboard shop, second hand furniture, yoga studios, a running shoe store, a record vinyl store, artists’ studios and art galleries. See a complete list of businesses, restaurants, bars and attractions at

The New Bo Art Fest is a juried show.

The submission fee is $35.00 (non-refundable)

Booth Fee :   FREE   yes, FREE !


DEPOSIT:  For artists that are invited to participate in the fest, there will be a $100.00 deposit required to hold your space. Your deposit check will be returned when you arrive at the fest.

Space is limited to only 37 Openings

Our sponsors have made it a priority to support the arts in Cedar Rapids and feel that FREE artist booths is a true bohemian spirit we want to promote.


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(any problems submitting contact Anne Stamats @

Artists may share a booth but need to submit separately for judging. If both artists wanting to share a booth are both invited to participate, please tell the fest committee so that the booth count and parking spaces are correct.


June 14, 2019 :  Timeframe for submission closes at midnight.

June 15, 2019 : Juried selection begins

June 17, 2019 : Artists will be notified whether or not they will be participating in the New Bo Art Fest.                    

  • All work must be original or a limited edition and not from a commercially available kit.
  • Past participation in the festival does not guarantee participation from year to year.
  • 5 photos will be required for submission. One photo must be of your booth set-up. If you do not have a photo of your booth, please contact Anne Stamats at



Judges will determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at the festival.  The three judges are local art professionals.

1st Place = $500.00

2nd Place = $250.00

3rd Place = $150.00


A single space is 10’x10’

Artists must provide their own tents with tent weights, tables, chairs, and display. Tent sides are recommended in case of rain.

Artists MUST have a tent to participate.



7:00am September 1, 2019                                                                    

Check-in and set up begins

The artist booths will run along 3rd Street SE from 10th Avenue SE to 12th Avenue SE

Participants will receive a map showing

  • Entrance and exit to the festival booth spaces on 3rd Street SE
  • Parking location
  • Booth locations


Artists will have reserved parking spaces. Each space will be marked you’re your booth number and name.  Your booth number and parking space number will be the same.

NO cars are allowed to be parked within the festival grounds

Volunteers will be available to help unload and load

Please unload your car and remove your vehicles from the fest area before setting up.                                                         

Artists should check in no later than 8am and MUST HAVE THEIR DISPLAY SET NO LATER THAN 8:45am. If you need additional time to set up, please make arrangements with Anne Stamats at 319-431-2669.

This letter and application outline our policies and expectations; if you have additional questions, please email us at We look forward to seeing your applications and meeting many of you in September.


9 AM – 4 PM

SUNDAY September 1, 2019


7:00 AM

Check-in begins: Artists are allowed to start set-up. Artists should check in, locate their space, unload and remove vehicles from the street before setting up. Artists should check-in no later than 8am, and MUST HAVE THEIR DISPLAY SET NO LATER THAN 8:45 AM.




4:00 PM

Breakdown starts at 4pm and must be completed by 6:00pm. Booths should NOT be broken down prior to 4pm. Artists are required to remove all equipment: tent, tables, chairs, displays, art. All garbage should be removed with your booth.



Volunteers will be on site to answer questions and assist artists as needed throughout the day.



Each artist is personally responsible for the collection and reporting of Iowa State and Linn County Tax (7.0%).



The NewBo Art Festival, New Bohemia Group, LLC, NewBo City Market nor the City of Cedar Rapids is responsible or liable for any loss, theft or injury incurred by any artist.



Artists are responsible for keeping their area presentable and clean, and not allowing trash or debris to accumulate throughout the day.



All cancellations should be made in writing or by email, and must be received by Saturday, August 10, 2019, in order to have your $100.00 deposit returned.

Cancellations received after Saturday, August 10, 2019 will not be refunded.

Note : only artists invited to participate in the fest will be required to send in a $100.00 deposit to hold their space. The NewBo Art Fest will return the artists’ deposit check when they show up for the fest. Checks will not be cashed ahead of time before the fest.



Please indicate any special needs, such as wheelchair access, etc. in an email to

Any other needs related to the display of art are the responsibility of the artist.