Iowa Masonic Library and Museums


Today the Iowa Masonic Library is regarded as one of the best facilities in the world to perform Masonic research. The Library houses over 150,000 volumes of which thousands are rare Masonic books for the serious researcher, and a circulating collection for the casual reader. The Library also collects materials dealing with non-Masonic topics. The Iowa collection contains materials dealing with Iowa history, government, education, social history, religion, etc. In addition the Library boasts a number of volumes on spirituality, religion, philosophy, history, literature, and biography. Included are several special collections including: A.E. Waite Collection of esoteric and occult science, Dr. Arthur W. Erskine Collection of original papers and materials in the field of X-ray technology, Joseph A. Walkes Collection of Prince Hall Masonry and the Harvey Collection of Landscape Architecture.

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