Filmmaker John Richard Announced as Keynote Speaker at ICCA’s Celebration of the Arts

By September 19, 2018 September 24th, 2018 No Comments
John Richard (director of cinematography) is an independent documentary filmmaker, video producer and photographer living in Iowa City, Iowa. He works on a variety of projects for clients including The Guardian, LA Times, New York Times, BBC around the world and has a background in photojournalism. Richard’s work combines a strong visual sense with intimacy and humor. His short films have won top prizes at festivals including the Nordic International Film Festival, Chicago International REEL Shorts Films Fest, Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival and Iowa City Documentary Film Festival.
For his keynote address at Celebration of the Arts, he will show clips from the film, Saving Brinton, talk about the project and what it is like to work as a film maker in the region.

Years ago, local Iowa historian and eccentric collector Michael Zahs (from Washington, Iowa) chanced upon a cache of early films and cinema memorabilia belonging to Frank Brinton, a showman who brought moving pictures to America’s Heartland in the earliest years of the art form. Discovering that the collection includes rare treasures, including a lost Georges Melies short, Zahs sets out on a mission to restore and preserve not only this work, but the fascinating legacy of Brinton himself.
Saving Brinton is still screening across the country.  It was an official documentary selection for Doc NYC, the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and AFI Docs.
ICCA’s annual meeting, awards ceremony, and luncheon, Celebration of the Arts, will be held this year at South Slope Community Center, North Liberty, on Wednesday November 14. Tickets are now available.