YouTube as an Online Music Service @ The Senior Center
Jun 14 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Fee: none. Registration required.
Membership Required
Friday, 6/14
1 – 2 PM in room 202
Presenters: Eric Rumsey and Rob Dietrich
When people think about online streaming
music services, they’re usually thinking about
options like iTunes or Spotify. But in recent
years, YouTube has gradually accumulated
a wealth of music, some as music and video
together, but also much being sound without
moving video. So people are learning to use
this as another streaming music source, like
iTunes or Spotify. YouTube has the advantage
over other services that it uses a familiar
interface. If you’ve used YouTube to look at
videos, it’s easy to use it for music. In this
class, we’ll show you how to find music in
YouTube, and how to organize it by making
playlists of your favorites.