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  Culture Corner - Iowa Cultural Corridor Alliance Blog
Using Facebook for Your Organization
posted: Thursday, September 22, 2011  Post Comment

As part of my duties as Marketing & Communications intern I’ve been working on connecting with all of our partners on Facebook. This way it’s easier for me to keep up with what each organization is doing in addition to the Cultural Corridor website so I can help promote their events. The best way for me to do this is to “like” an organization’s Facebook page, however, not all organizations have Facebook pages. When I “like” your Facebook page I’m able to see everything you post and then I can share these posts on our own ICCA Facebook page. Some organizations don’t have any Facebook presence, some use Groups, and some make a Personal Profile (like what you would have for yourself personally) under their organization’s name. To give ICCA partners a better idea regarding the differences between Pages, Groups, and Profiles, I’ve outlined them below:

Facebook Page

1. Anyone can see what you post on your Facebook Page, whether they “like” your organization or not. If a user likes your page, all of yours posts will show up in his or her news feed.

2. You can like other pages and their posts will you show up in your newsfeed. For example, Iowa Cultural Corridor Alliance “likes” the Cedar Rapids Public Library’s Facebook page. If the Cedar Rapids Public Library posts a story I can choose to share it on the ICCA page for everyone who likes ICCA to see.

Facebook Group

1. If a user is in a Facebook Group he or she gets notifications every time something is posted in that group and he or she can decide to go read those posts. Users must be added to the group by an administrator, or join the group on their own but often still needs administrator approval.

2. Facebook Pages cannot join Facebook Groups, only personal pages can join Facebook Groups.

Facebook Personal Profile

1. Personal Profiles are the same service you use for yourself. This means all the same rules apply. If a user wants to see your posts he or she must add you and you must approve the friend request. Stories show up in the news feed just like “real” friends’ stories would. As the owner of a Personal Profile you have the same abilities a “friend” would, meaning you can view people’s photographs, status updates, and chat with them.

2. Facebook Pages cannot become “friends” with Personal Profiles, but Personal Profiles can like Pages. This means you can like ICCA on Facebook and see everything we post, but we cannot see anything you post.

If you don’t use Facebook for your personal life or business this probably very confusing; Facebook isn’t as difficult as it seems though, and creating a Personal Profile on your own is a great way to learn the basics before starting a Page for your organization. As you can see from this quick rundown, Facebook Pages are great for businesses and organizations because they allow community interaction with any person who likes the page and cross organization interaction between different Facebook Pages. Plus, it helps us have another great tool by which to market your organization.

--Ash Bruxvoort, ICCA Marketing and Communications Intern

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