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  Culture Corner - Iowa Cultural Corridor Alliance Blog
This Time, Don't Dodge the Survey!
posted: Monday, July 25, 2011  Post Comment

Survey.  The word sometimes sends a shiver up my spine thinking about answering question after boring question.  Most of us learned at a young age to respond with a polite "no, thank you" whenever we were asked for five minutes of our time by a telemarketer.  Or we learned to dodge the person with the clipboard in the mall hoping to make eye contact.  We are busy people and five minutes is a lot to ask of us!

Still, I hope that you will think of surveys in a positive light if you see someone asking for your time at an arts and culture event in the Corridor.  In today’s world, information is key, and we want to help the Corridor community understand the importance of arts and culture.  ICCA is currently working with Americans for the Arts to collect information for their Arts & Economic Prosperity IV ™ study.  We collect data from arts and cultural organizations and audiences to determine the impact that their spending has on local economies.  Throughout 2011, we will collect more than 800 audience surveys to help us determine this amount (we are at 404 and counting right now!).  The last time we participated in this survey, it was concluded that the national impact of the arts and culture industry was over $166 billion. In the Corridor (Linn County, Johnson County, and the nine adjacent counties), the economic impact of arts and cultural organizations added over $63 million annually to the economy!  We look forward to sharing new numbers with you in May of 2012.

How will we use this information?  The overall data is very important the the Corridor's arts and cultural organizations, as they can use it when they apply for grants and create publications for their orgnaizations.  Our Convention & Visitors Bureaus, Chambers of Commerce, and Economic Development Groups can also use the information when they speak with businesses and individuals about bringing different opportunities to the Corridor. 

So how can you help?  If you see someone surveying at a Corridor arts and culture event, take the survey!  It only takes about five minutes and is extremely important.  If you would like to help us survey, contact us!  We'd be delighted to train you and have you assist. Simply e-mail  Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

-- Abby Ballain, ICCA Executive Director

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